No Bluetooth Remote With Apple TV?

Apple TV and Remote
Apple TV and Remote

I like my Apple TV, and find that together with my iPad that they make for great entertainment.  The one thing that has me puzzled is why Apple chose to go with an IR remote instead of Bluetooth?  The latest iPad features the latest Bluetooth spec.  Why not the Apple TV?

The biggest player in set top boxes, Roku has Bluetooth remotes in their second generation models.  The PS3 has a Bluetooth accessory remote you can purchase if you don’t want to control your movies with a gaming controller.  It’s a minor point, but for living in the northeast which historically has pretty cold winters (except for this year) there is something very cozy about being able to hibernate under a blanket while watching a program, and not having to pop an arm out so you can make line of sight with the IR receiver.  I looked around online, and found at least 2 sites with tear downs of the Apple TV revealing a chip capable of Bluetooth.

Perhaps Apple will enable this functionality in a future firmware upgrade.  It would be nice to find out that the bundled remote had Bluetooth functionality all along so we wouldn’t have to buy one in the future. One could speculate since the iPad, and new Apple TV were rolled out together that there may be some unseen future functionality between the two devices.   Perhaps Apple has something up it’s sleeve?

The iPad can quite nicely stream content to the Apple TV.  What is to say there isn’t some future killer app we haven’t been told we want yet?  I can’t wait to get it!

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